Earned Income Projects

Artistic Services

In addition to creating public artworks, City Arts provides a range of artistic services for corporations, individuals, schools, and nonprofit organizations.

Corporations often commission City Arts to create interior murals for their board rooms, lobbies, and other locations. Restaurants have hired City Arts to create vibrant artworks that enhance the dining experience for their patrons.  Individuals often commission artwork for their dining rooms or kitchens.

City Arts conducts one-week and longer mural and mosaic residencies for area public, private, and charter schools. Our professional artists work with students of all artistic abilities to create custom artworks that enliven the walls of their schools. City Arts also offers on-site art classes at schools and local nonprofits. A recent summer workshop at a DC Boys and Girls Club enabled students to create a large, colorful mosaic for their Clubhouse.

Besides providing City Arts with general operating support, earned income projects give City Arts' talented student apprentices valuable opportunities to work on a variety of murals and mosaics.

Below is a sampling of completed City Arts projects.  Click on the links for descriptions, photos, and locations of each project.