Our Projects

Selection Process

City Artsí community art projects come about in a variety of ways. Sometimes individuals find sites in their neighborhood they think would be suitable for community artworks.  Other times, City Arts staff members find sites that have particularly good visibility from pedestrian and automobile routes, or are adjacent to interesting neighborhood landmarks that serve as inspiration.

For sites that are privately owned, City Arts contacts the owners about the possibility of using their sites for public artworks. If they are interested, City Arts holds community meetings in partnership with local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions so that neighborhood residents can contribute ideas. We use their feedback to create the final mural designs and present them to the community.

For sites that are publicly owned, City Arts establishes a list of agencies that might be affected by public art modifications, or that make decisions about the use of these sites. We contact these agencies to find out whether they are open to making enhancements to the site. In many cases, agencies approach City Arts to enlist our help in designing public artworks to enhance the visibility of their sites. City Arts then work closely with the agency representatives to create maintenance-free artworks that enhance the sites.